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    Wednesday, June 24th, 2015
    2:25 am
    The Beginning...


    Extreme talking

    Dean Ambrose talking


    As Luke Harper is thrown back into the ring by Dean Ambrose out comes Erick Rowan and his lady companion from the caves of hell, Moxxie Taker. Rowan blasts Ambrose with a swift kick to the head, and throws him into the steel steps. Since this is a Street Fight everything is legal. Moxxie is laughing as Rowan throws Ambrose back into the ring where Harper is waiting for him. Rowan helps out by throwing different weapons from under the ring into the ring so Harper can use them on Ambrose. After hitting Ambrose with a kendo stick and a steel chair he goes to the corner to set up the Discus Clothesline. Before Ambrose gets up the lights go out and the crowd erupts. Rowan, Moxxie, and Harper all shout at the referee wondering what's going on, but the ref doesn't know either.

    When the lights come back on the cage that was hanging high above the ring is now surrounding the ring, with the referee, Luke Harper, Dean Ambrose, and another man all in the ring. Standing 6'6", this mountain of a man is wearing a black leather jacket over a black t-shirt that has an iron pipe on it, and the letters "I AM..." on the front, blue denim long shorts, hi-top sneakers, and his hands are heavily taped up into the jacket cuffs with grey tape. He has an iron pipe in his hand, and a big smile on his face. He has a red bandanna on his head. Harper immediately recognizes him, and his eyes grow wider then anyone has ever seen. Moxxie Taker recognizes him as well, and she starts yelling frantically at Harper to take him out. Harper charges, but the big man ducks the big kick, and when Harper turns around the big man hits him a couple of times in the gut with the pipe. Ambrose gets up at this point and he sees who is in the ring with him and Harper and has a wicked grin on his face. The big man grins back at Ambrose, and looks back at Harper. He motions to Ambrose towards the ropes, and Ambrose obliges as he gets ready to do his between the ropes rebound. Rowan starts scaling the cage, but the big man sees him and runs at the cage with a big kick, knocking Rowan off the cage. Moxxie is screaming louder now as the big man turns back to Harper. The crowd is going nuts loving what they are seeing, and the fans are chanting "EXTREME!!! EXTREME!!!" The big man locks an Iron Claw on Harper, and after a minute Ambrose starts his rebound between the top and middle rope. Extreme releases the hold and turns Harper towards Ambrose, who nails a wicked Clothesline on Harper. The crowd erupts at the move. The big man shakes Ambrose's hand, and offers the coup de grace, which Ambrose happily takes. He sets up Harper, and nails the Dirty Deeds Double Arm DDT. He covers... 1... 2... 3! Ambrose wins! He celebrates with the big man, and then the lights go out again.

    After a minutes the lights come back on, the cage is lifted, and Ambrose and the big man are gone. Moxxie and Rowan get in the ring to check on Harper, and as they do they hear Ambrose laughing, so they look at the TitanTron. On the Tron they see Dean Ambrose laughing with the big man who aided him. Ambrose starts talking to the big man...

    Who would have ever thought you'd be here?! I damn sure didn't, and I'm just as shocked as everyone else is! The crowd roars at Ambrose's comment... I'm sure Luke Harper crapped his pants big time! The crowd laughs at the thought of Luke Harper crapping his pants...

    I have no doubt he did, as I suspect Moxxie Taker has as well, but it's all good. Hey Dean, I got ya something from the shop. It's not the same as the real thing, but I think you'll like it all the same. The big man pulls out what appears to be some kind of championship belt from a duffel bag, which Dean Ambrose starts laughing...

    You kept it?! You kept the XGWA Hardcore Belt all this time?! Really? That's awesome! This could see some action sometime against those swamp people and Erick Rowan!

    Moxxie Taker has a look on her face as if Dean Ambrose farted in church, and the crowd laughs. Rowan covers Moxxie's ears, but it does nothing to drown out the sound of everyone taunting her and calling her a swamp person. Dean starts talking again...

    Come on Moxxie, you're the worst of your trio. Anyway, the big man here, as most of you know, is my good friend Extreme! The mention of Extreme's name has the crowd erupting and roaring, which is making Moxxie, Harper, and Rowan mad and yelling back to stop cheering... He has arrived! He told me he was coming, but I didn't believe him. We're good friends I swear. But, he's here, which means the landscape of our company and the business will never be the same! I can't wait!

    Erick Rowan... be careful around her. She's not as nice, cool, and sweet as you think. There's a reason her family is the family of the dead... Undertaker is her dad, Kane her uncle, and the late, great Paul Bearer is her great uncle. Think about that. She will always return to the dark side... or the dark swamp, or caves, whichever she finds. The crowd roars at the mention of Undertaker and Paul Bearer, and boo at the mention of Kane. Moxxie is covering her ears, and Rowan is trying to tell her that he's not telling the truth... I'll make it simple: You swampy big boys are going to get a fight from me. No matter what you do, I will ALWAYS be nearby, watching, and getting ready to attack! Moxxie, you will soon realize your own façade is just that: a façade! When the time comes... everything will all work itself out! The crowd roars and starts changing "EXTREME! EXTREME!" Dean buddy, what say you to a drink of celebration?! It's on me.

    I'm in, let's go.

    The crowd roars as Erick Rowan, Luke Harper, and Moxxie Taker start to leave in disgust. The scene fades with Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry Lawler talking about John Cena vs. Rusev...

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    Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015
    7:17 pm
    The World Needs A Hero!
    Extreme//Lee Currie
    The HardKore Freak!
    NAME: Extreme
    NICKNAMES: The HardKore Freak, THKF
    AGE: 30
    DATE OF BIRTH: 30 Years Ago.


    OCCUPATION: Pro Wrestler/Owner of THKF's Junkyard!
    HOMETOWN: Extremeville, Canada (Fredericton, NB Canada)
    CURRENT RESIDENCE: Extremeville
    PARENTS: Birth parents are unknown; I was adopted by an Asian couple
    SIBLINGS: Amy Mizuno

    QUIRKS: Sarcastic, Brawler, Hardcore
    LIKES: Violence, Church, My Junkyard
    DISLIKES: Pansies the flower, A Pansy person, Butterflies

    NAME: Lee Currie
    AGE: 30
    TIME ZONE: Atlantic time zone
    "There's no such thing as too many weapons!" That is the motto of the man known as Extreme, The HardKore Freak. Often labeled as crazy and schizophrenic, the man is super intelligent and just loves to hurt people in any way possible. He also owns and operates a junkyard where he often finds his next implements of destruction to use in the wrestling ring against his opponents.

    A mere mountain of a man at 6'6" and 287lb. Extreme has long, shaggy brown hair, grey eyes, and often has an evil smirk on his face. He wrestles wearing a sleeveless t-shirt that is usually black with a picture of a hardcore weapon on it and the words "I Am..." in dripping blood lettering on the front, and "EXTREME!!!" also in dripping blood lettering on the back. A silver chain with a cross hangs around his neck. Extreme wears long blue denim shorts that go down past his knees, and a pair of hi-top sneakers on his feet. He wears no kneepads, but he wears black elbow pads. He uses grey athletic tape to tape up his hands and wrists. A black leather jacket completes the ensemble.
    Ever since he was a young lad, the man known as Extreme has loved two things: junkyards and pro wrestling. His goal was to do both: own a junkyard of his own, and become a pro wrestler.

    At the age of 16 he began training to become a pro wrestler, and he got to have his debut match when he was 17 years old, losing to a man named Nick Mondo. Once he got more exposure for the local territories in New Brunswick he received a call from a man named Eddie Mahoney, inviting his to his federation called the Xtremely Graphic Wrestling Alliance. Mahoney described the federation as a hardcore, bloody, deadly federation where the only guarantee every night is a cut and lots of pain. Extreme saw this as his opportunity to finally get the exposure he craved, so he packed his bags for Edmonton, Alberta.

    Extreme went into the territory with no real experience in hardcore wrestling, so he spent his first few days studying some of the best hardcore wrestlers of that era: Mick Foley, Terry Funk, Tommy Dreamer, Mikey Whipwreck, New Jack, Balls Mahoney, and Bubba Ray Dudley. Once he got a feel for what was expected in hardcore wrestling he started developing his very own hardcore persona. This is when he decided on his ring attire he currently uses, but he needed to find his niche. Extreme spent the day prior to his debut trying to find the one piece he was missing to complete his gimmick.

    While scouring the city he found his way to a junkyard, and couldn't resist the urge to enter. He got to take a small tour of the junk shop area, and it was while he was there he saw his missing link. He paid the owner $35 for a three foot long iron pipe, which would become his staple weapon ever since. Extreme started spinning it around like a martial artist, and it seemed real natural to him.

    Extreme won his debut in huge fashion, being physically bigger and stronger than his opponent, 'Jumping' Jack Mahoney. He whacked him with the pipe a few times, and then hit Mahoney with his finisher, the Extreme Slam, which is his version of the Pumphandle Slam. After his debut he just kept beating people, and he started to use all sorts of different weapon gimmicks, but he always depended on the pipe.

    After getting his opportunity at the company's top title, the XGWA Hardcore Belt, against the reigning champion E.Money, Extreme took full advantage of the opportunity. Midway through the match it was changed to a Non-Hardcore, Submission match, because Extreme was on his way to winning with the Extreme Slam through a table. Extreme had no problems, because even though E. Money made a comeback Extreme is still scientifically trained. After nailing the Extreme Slam on E. Money he locked his leg around his neck in a modified Leg Lock, and then dropped down into an STF, and got the victory and became the champion.

    Extreme held onto the title, feuding with E. Money and 'Jumping' Jack Mahoney, until the company folded five months later. Extreme then took his earnings and opened THKF's Junkyard in Fredericton, NB. While working at the junkyard he kept working on the local shows in New Brunswick until he got a call from Nick Mondo. Mondo invited the bruiser to Combat Zone Wrestling in the States, advising it's a bloody, hardcore federation. Extreme packed his bags, but packed a separate duffel bag with stuff from the junkyard to use as weapons.

    Extreme learned the value of friendships in CZW, because he got to see the sawing off of a nipple of one John Moxley. He accompanied Moxley to the hospital to have his nipple re-attached. They immediately became friends, but they also had a lot of bloody wars together. The wars were either between them or Brodie Lee was added to the mix, and the three of them fought in any number of combinations almost nightly.

    Moxley and Brodie Lee would get the call to go to WWE's farm territory, FCW, while Extreme was still in CZW. After a couple of years of both men making a success in WWE Extreme got the call to WWE, and got to skip the main roster. He was told during his interview that he was requested by Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper, and was told he will be brought in to have a feud with Harper. Extreme was excited, because when promos began to circulate during Dean Ambrose and/or Luke Harper matches both men became confused and caught a couple of bad losses. Extreme Rules would be Extreme's debut, and he couldn't wait.

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